Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flying Prices On The Sky!

With the new merge between Delta Air Lines and Northwest plus the various airlines who have declared in bankruptcy flying prices will start to rise again! Now that there are less airlines in the market, the few ones left can dominate the prices!

After so many years of American Airlines and other's monopolies, small airlines were able to compete and land prices so that traveling was way more affordable! If prices rise to the sky traveling will be minimum since few will be able to afford it especially with the recession the US is facing.

The government should interfere in this types of merges, just like it should take a close look at the Microsoft and Yahoo merge...these are big companies coming together to have more control of the market..We need to be careful!!

Social Networks Disappointment

Who wouldn't be surprised if they knew that all the noise social networks are creating is nothing more than that because there are claims in the Economist that say they don’t generate the profit expected.

How ever, is a social network only business attributes the money it generates? No, it does more than that. Social networks may not be bringing in all the cash as they expected but their impact is much more important than that. This is just the beginning to social networks, who knows in a few years what they will transform into?
I remember the first chatting program I used was ICQ. It was really simple and defective, but look at what we have now. We can even see each other and talk through MSN Messenger or Skype or any of the multiple options out there.

So even if the money isn’t as promising, the effect on businesses is huge and for those who take advantages of these methods will most definitely have a bright future ahead...remember there are many other factors to a business..

With that said get into the action. Start socializing!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Dont Want To Be Tracked!

There is a new phone called Drift Phone from Helio coming soon and its supposed to be amazing because of the new features. One of those features is being able to know exactly where your friends are so that with the same GPS you can get to them. Off course they must have the same cell phone! But still who want to be tracked every where??? Dont you feel at times like not picking up your phone?? What if you dont and suddenly that friend shows up where you are...strange right!!
Whats worst is the plan that you must have. It cost like $100! Thats so much! I mean you hear about plans for like $30, why pay $100!? Not even a blackberry plan costs as much! I really dont know how well sales are going to be for this phone, but I dont see a bright future any time soon!!
These people are looking to commit the same error as Apple and the Iphone. Its costing them millions! Its an expensive phone plus you have to pay for the expensive plan! People prefer low costs, especially this days!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Facebook and Politics?

Every day the use of internet is more frequent and for countless hours! This means people are spending lots of their time on their personal pages or blogging or aboslutely anything else you can do on the internet. With this in mind, I think that Facebook and any other Web 2.0 as described in the article How Will Facebook Change Politics? are great ways to get messages through. At the same time it allows for interaction between those politic lovers!

How ever watch out because just like it can help gain votes and get campaign messages across, it can easily hurt candidates if they mess up! Word of mouth if the best way and fastest way to get things across but its effect can go either way!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is Microsoft's Monopoly Shaking?

It looks like Microsoft is not going to give up easily on the fight against Google to be the Internet giant. It was supposed to be a smooth transaction, but it has turned into a disaster. As explained in CNN Microsoft's bid for Yahoo was given three more weeks to be considered or else Microsoft is threatening to overthrow the actual Yahoo board by going straight to the shareholders.
The threat and continuous pressure Microsoft is applying on Yahoo is unusual and I believe Microsoft is taking advantage of its power. At the same time, it looks like Microsoft is desperate to acquire Yahoo because they feel seriously threatened by Google. If will be interesting to see how Microsoft would react if it couldn't acquire Yahoo not even through their alternate methods. This looks like another big hit to Microsoft's monopoly! First it was Apple and now its Google...is Microsoft weakening??

Get ready for some online fighting!

Monday, March 31, 2008

What To Look For When Hiring

After examining a list of 10 simple rules when hiring people, I noticed a few which I really thought are detrimental when trying to build the perfect corporate environment.
From my past experiences working I have noticed that before skills or any other attribute, the most important to look for is attitude. No matter what an employee has to offer, if their attitude is not positive and doesn’t care much then all of his other attributes which you may have hired them for will not be of much use. Besides, this person’s negativity and bad habits could harm those around and create conflicts.

Another rule mentioned which I believe is a real key to success today is diversity. Where I used to work we were all from different cities and countries. This with out a doubt helped the company achieve what it is today because it opens so many windows of opportunities. Not only because you are bringing together different people, with different minds and perspectives, but you are hiring someone who will provide your company with new contacts and possibilities from where they are coming.

These two rules I believe are the most important and if considered at the time of hiring, they could really have a serious impact on the future and success of the corporation.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The New Emmy's

For the second time ever, YouTube presented the YouTube Awards. The winners where chosen by the viewers. "YouTube users voted on six nominees for each category: music, sports, comedy, instructional, short film, inspirational, commentary, creative, politics, series, eyewitness and "adorable.""

It is unbelievable how people are being brought together through videos. People all around the world are watching the same videos and either laughing or crying
about them. This is a great way to mix cultures and maybe a way to peace.

This is a video of "Chocolate Rain" a song from an unknown who is now famous thanks to the award given by the viewers to Tay Zonday.